Babyhandling and Babycare


At last your child is born! 

Immediatly you feel this love for your baby and a strong connection between you and your child. Thus the need of taking care and protecting them becomes irreversible and permanent.

Nevertheless sometimes it's hard to understand, why your baby is crying and what could be their needs .

You are not the only one having this feeling of not knowing intuitively, instinctively what to do at times.

You need to learn this step by step, by taking care of your child every day and by making your own experiences. Every day will be different, you can not foresee the futur and be fully prepared, but you need to find an adaptet solution in different situations.

Very often this is exhausting, tiring and sometimes you don't know what to do.

BUT: If you try to imagine how a baby's life was in your belly and what the changement of being born means to them, it is much easier to understand them and thereby help them. 


To start our session ,if you and your partner agree, we can talk about your experiences during childbirth. You only share this with me if you feel like it.

It is  important for me to hear your story in order to really understand your situation. Sometimes it can  be a great relief for you to talk about this extraordinary experience.

Then you'll describe how your daily life is with your baby at home.

It is possible that you have a calm baby, but it is also possible that they're crying a lot.

Is your baby reacting sensitively to noises, light, mobilisation?

This consultation is made of a lot of listening. Together we will think about what are the specific needs of your child, but also yours and how to take care of it all.

We will treat your questions and try to give answers, well adapted to your individual situation and to your baby.

I will give you a lot of tips and tricks,helpful to make your daily life easier and help your baby adapt to the new environment.

What can help him sleep better?

How can you give them their sense of security back, feeling safe and protected like during the pregnancy in the mother's womb?

How can you dress them, get the diaper changed and do a lot of other daily care without making them feeling stressed or get them out of balance.

The goal is to show and practice a very gentle way to mobilize and take care of your child.

By that they will be less interfered, less afraid and will have less spanning. He will be calmer, more relaxed and have a more deep and restful sleep.

In addition to this handling will stimulate their development of their motor skills.


Moreover the importance of choosing the right products for your baby will also be discussed.