Preparatory Course


(reimbursed by the CNS)

Breastfeeding is not only the best method for the baby's health, but also for   very beneficial to the mother for many reasons.

In addition, breastfeeding is very easy after the first start-up phase.

There is nearly no time needed to prepare, your milk is ready straight away.

It's cheap and in addition good for our nature.

The bond you'll grow with your baby during breastfeeding, is really strong and unique. It will conect you to your baby in a very special way.


To make breastfeeding work more simply, it's important to be well informed about:

  - Advantages of BF

  - Milk production, adjustment of quantity and quality of milk

  - BF-positions of your baby and why it's important to know about it

  - Nutrition of the mother during BF

  - Possible problems during lactation period

How can you get prepared? Your body, your home and even your organisation at home

What can you do if problems occur?

I can give you answers to those and many more questions

Together we will see where your doubts are or even your fears are and I will help you find solutions.


Breastfeeding Consulting

( with medical prescription reimbursed by the CNS)

During your stay at the maternity, you will learn a lot about breastfeeding.

You will learn how to put the baby on your breast, how to check wether your baby is sucking correctly. You'll try the different positions for breastfeeding.

All this needs to be adapted every day. It is a period during which milk production will change from the colostrum-milk to the mature milk and will be permanently adapted to the needs of your baby.

The point when you're back home after a few days is when you will have to apply what you learned.

You will need to try, what works best for you and your child.

Everybody needs to find their own way.

Only slowly, step by step, your baby will develop a rhythm, a routine in sleeping and eating.

This includes ups and downs, until it will really work. The most important thing is that you don't give up and that you don't lose courage. It is normal that all of that needs it's time.

Know that for the majority it's the same for every mother.

That is why the support of your partner is very important and essential. They are the most important pillar to make breastfeeding at it's best and easiest way.

Don't get upset or disturbed by different opinions and subjective judgments.

A professional advise can be more helpful and adapted to your individual situation.

Sometimes problems with milk production, painful nipples or engorgement can occur.

During this time I will give you good advice and explain what can be helpful.

I will support and encourage you.

If necessary I can forward you to a lactation consultant specialized in severe brestfeeding complications.

But if, they're often just minor problems, easy to handle with a little bit of patience. Most of the time you only need support and confirmation that you are handling the situation at it's best.

Most of the time the source of these kind of problems are stress and real fatigue.

Therefore I'm emphasizing how importent it is to still respect and take care of your needs and limits. Accept the help that's offered. 

"It needs a whole village to grow up a baby!"