Labor and Childbirth


Prenatal Classes

(reimbursed by the CNS) 

Each birth is a very personal event, reflecting on our perceptions, beliefs, experiences and choices of the pregnant woman.

A successful pregnancy and birth is not how much or little technological intervention is brought to bear; rather it is a birth in resulting the healthiest possible baby and mother.

Giving birth is probably the most powerful physical and emotional event in a woman's life.

As you reach the end of the pregnancy, approaching labor and birth, envision the process as you would ideally like it to unfold.

Ensuring that you're preparing the birth of your baby, not only in a physical, but again in an emotional and mental sense as well!

That's why it's important to explain, how your body is works and what happens during labor and childbirth.


How can you help your body work easier and better?

How can you optimally get prepared for that?

How can you help your baby, how can you make it easier for your baby to get into the pelvis?

How can your partner help you? What are some of his tasks?

What is a "birth plan"?

I will provide you with answers, adapted to your individual view, idea of giving birth.


But never lose sight of the fact that you can not completly guide the birth of your baby. Nature takes different decisions sometimes, possibly in an unsuspected way. On that occasion you will need to accept it and follow the steps you're guided to. It is important to trust docters and midwifes taking care of you and making sure that both of you are safe.


What to do if the baby is in a breech-position?


How is the run of a caesarian section?

What is the importance of a "heeling bath" after a C-Section?



You did not get a place in the prenatal courses, you did not want to be in a group or you did not find the time to do the ordinary courses?


I propose one or several courses in which you will get the most important information. I will try to give you answers to your individual questions, adapted to your personal needs. 




It is not your first birth and you would just like to do a little repetition? 

Therefore i would propose to just reiterate the basics but to explain what changes when you give birth a second, third...time.

We will focus on your questions and needs.